SELepidoptera News 68

Issue 68 of our SELepidoptera Newsletter is out! It contains information for the upcoming 23rd SEL Congress and the 11th Forum Herbulot in September 2023 in Orléans (France), and an invitation to the General Meeting held during the Congress. Read about this and more in the PDF that you can download here.



Dear SEL & Forum Herbulot members,

The Congress Scientific Committee (CSC) is pleased to announce that the Call for Abstracts for the 23rd European Congress of Lepidopterology & 11th Forum Herbulot in Orléans, France, 25–29 September 2023, is open.

Please submit your abstract and pre-register at the conference website. A form for abstract submission is available online. Please note that abstracts may be submitted in English only.

Authors must select one of the following options: oral, short talk (3’ one slide), poster. Authors are limited to a maximum of one abstract per category as presenting author, although an individual may be listed as a co-author on several abstracts. Abstracts will be accepted until 15th May 2023.

We look forward to your active participation for the 2023 SEL & FH Congress in Orléans.

Carlos Lopez-Vaamonde

On behalf of the CSC


SELepidoptera News 67

Issue 67 of our SELepidoptera Newsletter is out! Apart from impressions from this year's 22nd SEL Congress in Laulasmaa, including many photos, it includes announcements for the 23rd SEL Congress and the 11th Forum Herbulot, coming up in September 2023, and for the 12th European Congress of Entomology. Furthermore, you will find the SEL Council report from the last Council meeting, numerous book announcements, and more. You can download a PDF copy of the newsletter with reduced size (5,2 MB) here, or download a high-resolution version (21,3 MB) here.


XVIIth International Symposium on Zygaenidae

In the time of September 13–16 2022, the XVIIth International Symposium on Zygaenidae will take place in Karlsruhe, Germany. The symposium will be held in the Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde Karlsruhe (SMNK, Erbprinzenstr. 13), which is co-organising the event with the Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein Karlsruhe (NWV).  Main topics of the symposium will be:

  • Zygaenidae as bio-indicators
  • Biology, ecology and distribution of Zygaenidae
  • Molecular DNA results, taxonomy and systematics of Zygaenidae
  • Reports on field studies
  • Presentation of new publications

If you would like to participate in the symposium or need further information, please contact the scientific coordinator Axel Hofmann at hofmann[at]abl-freiburg[dot]de.


SELepidoptera News 66

Today, issue 66 of our SELepidoptera Newsletter got published. In it, you can find information on the 22nd SEL Congress, planned to take place in Laulasmaa, Estonia in early June 2022. Furthermore, Erik van Nieukerken gives his impressions from last year's SEL Field Congress in North Macedonia and the Virtual Joint Meeting of our North American sister society, the Lepidopterists' Society. Other topics are: "Towards a European Red List of moths", a book review of the "Butterflies of the Šar Mountains in the Republic of North Macedonia", and invitations to other upcoming conferences. You can download a PDF copy of the newsletter here.



2nd SEL Field Congress July 26–31, 2021 in North Macedonia

The second SEL Field Congress is currently planned tor take place in the summer of 2021 in the time of July 26–31. It will take you to the Sharr Mountain area, northwest of the town of Tetovo. Detailed information on the field congress, including a registration form, is available at the field congress website.


SELepidoptera News 65

Today issue 65 of our SELepidoptera Newsletter was published. Among others, it contains information on the postponing of the 22nd SEL Congress to 2022. You can download a PDF copy of the newsletter here.


Cancellation of the second SEL Field Congress 2020 to North Macedonia

Due to the Covid-19 situation, SEL council has unanimously decided that the second SEL Field Congress this year in the North Macedonian Sharr Mountain area has to be cancelled, with the option to postpone it to 2022, as in 2021 we meet for the “normal” SEL Congress in Estonia. Further related information will be announced in coming SELepidoptera newsletters. People who have already registered will be reimbursed. SEL council takes the opportunity to thank Vladimir Krpach for his efforts in organizing this Field Congress.


Save the Water Framework Directive

Today, the Societas Europaea Lepidopterologica and 11 other organisations plus nearly 500 individual signatories have released an Open Letter to Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice President of the European Commission, and Virginijus Sinkevičius, European Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries, to save the Water Framework Directive in its current form and to step up its implementation to ensure the health and future resilience of Europe’s freshwater ecosystems.

You can read the Open Letter here. For more info on this initiative you can visit WWF Europe's website.


Open Letter to the European Parliament

The European Mammal Foundation, together with other European scientific and conservation organisations like Societas Europaea Lepidopterologica, has released an Open Letter to the European Parliament. The letter is urging for a profound reform of the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) to halt the catastrophic declines of mammal, reptile, bird, amphibian and insect populations observed all over Europe. You can read the Open Letter here.

If you are a scientist who shares these concerns, please also consider becoming a signatory of the call „Action needed for the EU Common Agricultural Policy to address sustainability challenges“.

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